Apple Mac Mini Reccomendations please

  maltrap 15:27 12 Jun 2017

I've just swapped my broken Samsung tablet for an Apple Ipad Air. I'm that impressed i want to swap my desktop for a re-furb Mac Mini. There's lots available, differeny years & different processor speeds. I use my computer mainly for photo storage, E-mails, banking, general surfing, no gaming, music or movie downloads. Can anyone reccomend a particular year/processor speed that would suit my needs. Thanks in anticipation.

  HondaMan 10:25 13 Jun 2017

Depends on your budget. None have vast storage so you would be better using external drives for storage of photos.

  simonjary 07:19 15 Jun 2017

Mac mini buying advice here.

HondaMan is right about your main need being storage, and that you'll probably need external drives.

Our friends at Macworld have rounded up the best external hard drives for Macs.

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