Apple launch new HD version of the iPad

  TopCat® 23:16 07 Mar 2012

Quite a comprehensive list of 'goodies' built into this new sleek and thin tablet from what I read. The new high definition screen and powerful processor are rated highly. Proposed prices will range from £399 for the basic 16GB model with only wi-fi to £659 for the top of the range 64GB model with wi-fi and 4G. iPad launch

16th March will see it on sale in the UK, and elsewhere in Europe, so don't forget to form an orderly queue outside the store of your choice on launch day. :)) Me, I'll be waiting for the price to fall, or for the superior next version to be announced about this time next year! :) TC.

  Forum Editor 23:34 07 Mar 2012

I'm not overwhelmed by news of this launch,and I certainly will not be a part of the queue to buy the shiny 'new' iPad, it offers nothing that I can't live without for the time being.

"The previous model will stay on sale at a reduced price, starting at £329."

That's much more interesting.

  Al94 10:09 08 Mar 2012

I have been tempted for some time and am now getting closer to acquiring one, I would definately pay the extra for the new model over the reduced Ipad2.

  Chegs ®™ 10:23 08 Mar 2012

Even if I could afford an iPad,I wouldn't buy one as they offer nothing that a desktop/laptop cannot do better.As one of the commenters has said,they are just overpriced toys.Added to the purchase price of nearly £700 for the top spec is the additional expense of iTunes.So once you've given Apple a large wedge of your hard earned,you carry on giving Apple more of your hard earned.Besides,Apple will bring out yet another iPad soon so you get stung pretty much yearly if you decide you must have the latest version.

I did chuckle with the comment that "Mr Schiller said that would make it more affordable for schools to buy the machine." My daughter was given a netbook,when the screen went AWOL in the corner it was returned under warranty & we were told after 14mths that it was "beyond economical repair,but we could buy a new screen on eBay & pay to have it fixed" If schools cannot afford a £30 screen then how on earth are they going to find £300+?

  Condom 10:56 08 Mar 2012

Well I for one am totally underwhelmed. Just like the iPhone 4S this latest iPad has really nothing worth upgrading about it. New people to the gadget will probably want the latest model but there is little there worth ditching an iPad 2 for.

  Woolwell 11:07 08 Mar 2012

I agree that there is little which will make me move from an iPad2.

Chegs ®™ until you have used one it is unfair to state that they are toys although they may slightly overpriced. I use my iPad for many purposes, most of which are not games. iTunes is free. You do, of course, have to pay for some apps, many are inexpensive and many are free. Having an iPad I fail to see the point of a netbook.

  TopCat® 18:40 08 Mar 2012

Here's a word of warning from insurers about unscrupulous people attempting to submit false claims on iPad loss or theft. info here

Not that our members need such a reminder of course, but forewarned is forearmed, as they say! :) TC.

  Forum Editor 19:01 08 Mar 2012

"Even if I could afford an iPad,I wouldn't buy one as they offer nothing that a desktop/laptop cannot do better. As one of the commenters has said,they are just overpriced toys"

Offer nothing that a desktop cannot do better? Try lugging a desktop and its monitor onto a train or aircraft and you'll realise how off-beam that remark really is.

Just overpriced toys? That's nonsense. I now take my iPad with me whenever I travel, simply because it is so convenient, and can do pretty well everything my laptop can do. It has a full productivity suite, so I can write, produce spreadsheets and presentations etc. I can send and receive emails wherever I am - no need to connect to a wireless network, it works via 3G, the same as my phone.

There's plenty of file storage, it's fast and it looks good - what's not to like?

iPads are not cheap, and they don't run Windows, two reasons why lots of people say 'not for me'. I'll be honest and admit that I said it for a long time because I couldn't see any advantage to owning one. Finally I succumbed, and I'm so glad I did - my iPad has become an indispensable part of my life.

We don't all want the same things, and that's fine, but please don't dismiss a really great product as an overpriced toy - that's not anywhere near to being true.

  pabby 19:11 08 Mar 2012

Ours get delivered next Friday.

Looking forward to it. :-)

  malgall 20:33 08 Mar 2012

before trying an ipad i would have said pricey toy the after having a go on a friends i brought one had it must be a year and a half as its original ipad i will be replacing it with the new ipad dont evn look at the other choices itunes store and app store mean no one else in the same league

  al's left peg 21:10 08 Mar 2012

They are not toys Chegs, I was given an iPad 2 for xmas off the wife and kids and it's brilliant.

I won't be replacing it anytime soon as I am not one of those that just buys the latest model of anything. I can see why Apple are launching new models to keep ahead of the game, and that's fair enough.

I am big lover of Apple products mainly because I find them really easy to use I also have a 21.5 inch i3 iMac which I got in 2010. I do night shifts now and often when I get in from work in the morning have a shower, jump into bed and fire up the iPad and watch programmes I have missed from the night before on the Iplayer, 4 on demand and the likes. As well as normal web browsing and the excellent FaceTime, Garageband (I play the guitar) so it gives me a virtual recording studio. I can also transfer files and folders via wireless networks with a cracking thing called the iCloud. I have Office for Mac on my iMac so can transfer my files from there. I can also update and sync my calendar between the 2 with a click of a mouse or the touch screen.

I watched that show on the BBC called Stargazing live as I am quite interested in astrology. I downloaded a free app from the app store called the night sky. you just hold your iPad up to a star you can see in the sky and it identifies it for you as well as showing you where a lot of satellites are orbiting the earth in real time.

They are a great learning tool, but also a lot of fun. Honestly, don't knock em until you have tried them, they are great.

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