apple ipod

  WHO 14:57 27 Sep 2005

Once songs have been downloaded and paid for from are now updating each others ipods.Am I correct to say that this is illegal as it is file sharing...?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:35 27 Sep 2005



  bremner 16:38 27 Sep 2005

...and as kids we never borrowed each others vinyl and copied it onto cassette did we.

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 17:01 27 Sep 2005

bremner, just because we did it... didn't make it legal. The law is the law, no matter how silly we think it may be.

  wee eddie 17:10 27 Sep 2005

WhenHeavenTouchesEarth:- The "Powers That Be" have never been really interested in a couple of kids swapping a few tunes.

They are really interested in those that download/share multi-megabit packages that are sometimes sold on.

  bremner 19:09 27 Sep 2005

I never suggested it was legal I was simply drawing the analogy between now and then.

As wee eddie has pointed out the authorities accept this type of behaviour is unenforceable and focus their attention on big time p2p sharers.

  wee eddie 23:23 27 Sep 2005

Apple could include some sort of cookie with each tune, which would allow them to track the spread of that tune.

Re name it.

apple iplod

  Jdoki 14:04 28 Sep 2005

Anyone know how this is done? (Not asking for instructions, just whether it's iPod to iPod or through iTunes)

Reason I ask is because tracks bought/downloaded through iTunes only travel one way... from iTunes to iPod - they can not go back the other way.

So even if there is a means of copying from iPod to iPod, as soon as the person receiving the track they haven't paid for plugged it back in to their PC/Mac, unless they Manually transfer files to the iPod then the track would be deleted, as any Auto playlist updating of iTunes to iPod results in tracks not on iTunes being deleted from the iPod.

Or perhaps this has something to do with people sharing their AppleID's?

As I'm not currently an iPod owner (roll on 5/10 when my Nano turns up), but do use iTunes (far far better than Media Player, Real Player etc) maybe I'm missing something here...

  wee eddie 16:04 28 Sep 2005

Whether it is possible, or not, is irrelevant.

It sounds cool and you can't do it. Ne! Ne! Ne!

However it is more than likely that some 14yo Wiz has "cracked" it and the playgrounds of Europe are awash with music.

  WHO 21:39 29 Sep 2005

the way its email,file attatch,then browse through itunes library,select song,then send,easy as that!

  Kate B 22:55 01 Oct 2005

There are loads of third-party apps that allow you to manage your iPod without iTunes; alternatively you can simply set it as a disk drive and drag and drop - both ways. Not rocket science, or even cracking, as WHO points out.

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