Apple iPod

  brian-284840 20:21 02 Jun 2004

Could anyone tell me if an Apple iPod boughtin
America have any problems working over here,also
the price there is $400.00 which at todays exchange rate would be about £200.My son on my
case about this so would appricate the info.
Might be wrong on xchange rate
thanks in advance for answers.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:35 02 Jun 2004

It will have no problems although you may have to get a plug adapter for the charger (couple of quid) be careful of the capacity, the 15Gb ones can be bought for around £220 in the UK and at today's rate you would be payiong £229 for $400.

If you order by post there will probably be 5% ish duty + VAT added to the TOTAL price. Shipping ain't cheap neither. If you know someone who is trotting off to the States, far be it from me to lecture about declaring the Ipod at customs.

Ism it me or are people happy to pay £300 for what is effectively a 20Gb hard drive? ;-)))


  Kate B 23:19 02 Jun 2004

I'm a diehard fan of the iPod - sure, it ain't cheap, but it's a lovely mp3 player. And if you can get it in the US, so much the better.

I am baffled at people who are prepared to shell out for an iPod Mini though - even I think that's appalling value for money.

  jimmylove 08:07 03 Jun 2004

click here offer the 40GB for under £350. It's a great shop and too dangerous for me to look at! Just got my wife a pink iPod mini and it is absolutely stunning. Sure it's overpriced for the capacity but boy does it look and sound the biz!! My 40GB one is indispensable. Be warned that the standard firewire adapter taht comes with the iPod will not charge the iPod from most PCs but only from Macs. So you'll need a US to UK plug adapter (£3 a Dixons).

  jimmylove 08:14 03 Jun 2004

Sorry - should be clear: you'll only need the adapter if you get one from the states, not if you buy it here.

  brian-284840 09:34 03 Jun 2004

Thanks Guys,??? answered.

  byfordr 10:15 03 Jun 2004

click here 40gb ipod under £330 looked at it went for the iriver in the end...


  tomleady 10:28 03 Jun 2004

30gb iPod - £418.95
40gb iPod - £349.45

same site as well. interesting.

but anyway, the price for the 20gb is a bargain.

but i got an iRiver 40gb for 260 notes.

depends what you need i suppose. i use mien to back up my computer but still have 1000's of tunes on it.

  mdshamilton 13:06 03 Jun 2004

I have a US purchased iPOD 40G model. It works perfectly here, and charges from my UK PC via an Audigy 2 firewire card.

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