Apple iphone SE wrong number showing

  awest3 10:56 10 Dec 2017

Hi, I seem to have a bit of a strange problem with my iPhone. I've just sent a msg and the receiver rang me to ask if I'd changed my phone number and quoted a phone number I've not heard of. I've checked my phone set up and it shows my normal number, I've looked at apple id and icloud and they both have my normal number. I'm not sure where this number has come from and how it attached itself to my phone. Any ideas on where to check next would be welcome. Thanks

  awest3 11:02 10 Dec 2017

Sorry, it appears I'm being an idiot. I had to restart my iPhone recently and, for some reason in messages it changed 'start new conversations from' to my old iPhone 4s which I still have as a backup phone. I've just changed it back and all is ok. thanks

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