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  audeal 10:51 07 Nov 2014

Hi All

I have just purchased a used Apple Ipad mini 64gb Wi-Fi + cellular from the internet and I am very happy with it. But as this Operating System (updated to 8.1) is new to me I do not know much about the software which I can put on the Ipad.

I have been searching for a virus and firewall program, so I would like to ask if anyone can advise me on this important subject.

Also, is it possible to download software and install it (like the PC) other than what is in the App Store, if so, where can I download it from.

I will appreciate any help given. audeal.

  Jollyjohn 12:44 07 Nov 2014

See here click here from Apple re Anti Virus on an iPad.

If the software you want is not in the App store then it is probably not available for an iPad. I would be very suspicious of software not in the App Store.

  audeal 14:25 07 Nov 2014

Hi jollyjohn. Thanks for that link, it made ineresting reading.

Hi Woolwell. thanks for your comments. at 70 years of age I don't think that child protection is an issue as my Offspring left the nest many "moons" ago.

I will take all comments on board and obtain all my apps from the App Store. I will also stop worrying about viruses. My mind is now at ease.

Many Thanks for the help. I will now close this thread.


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