apple ipad ease of operation

  patrick.moscato.1 17:22 29 Sep 2013

Is the Ipad easy to use? Good for new user?

  Woolwell 17:44 29 Sep 2013

My 3 year old grandson can use it and I know a lady well in her seventies who can easily use it. There's plenty of guidance out there.

  rdave13 19:10 29 Sep 2013

Woolwell , why is it that children can take to these things like duck to water while adults need instructions? :)

  john bunyan 19:38 29 Sep 2013

It is a great device. The only thing I have not yet cracked (using IoS 7)is that my grand daughter has an iPhone 4s and shares our Apple ID. The new "Cloud" means that her contact list is copied and merged with ours on our iPad so I am trying to work out how to have separate contact lists without losing the ability to "Find my iPhone" for her phone. Nevertheless it is a great tablet.

  iscanut 19:53 29 Sep 2013

Very easy, very intuitive, quick, brilliant screen,instant access to internet, no waiting, I am hooked ! BUT I still use my Windows PC & Laptop so not a total convert. Get one if you can afford it. Be aware however, that printing can be a problem unless you have a compatible device. Come back for more help on this point if needed.

  rdave13 20:09 29 Sep 2013

Santa is bringing two iPad2's this time around but I'll be using the iTunes/Apps gift cards instead of entering my bank details. From what I've been told you need to input some money to even be able to download free game apps?

Android for me anytime but children want what they want. :(

  john bunyan 20:40 29 Sep 2013


I only use those iTunes cards (no credit or debit cards) and have around £20 or so credit, so there will be no risk of a young relative going over budget!

  Woolwell 20:49 29 Sep 2013

john bunyan - A the risk of hijacking this thread, your grand-daughter should have set up her own Apple ID and it will keep app purchases, contacts, etc apart. If she lets you know her id then you can still use Find my iPhone by logging in on a PC. Separating them now could be a bit complicated.

  john bunyan 21:32 29 Sep 2013


With apologies to patrick.moscato.1 . I thought you can have a different iCloud account on different devices but the same Apple ID (in IoS7). I will start a thread in the next day or so to avoid intruding here!

  Forum Editor 22:46 29 Sep 2013

The iPad is extremely easy to use. If you can use a PC you'll have no problems with an iPad.

  Woolwell 12:01 30 Sep 2013

john bunyan - OP hasn't replied so low risk of hi-jack. Apple support article may help.

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