Apple and Intel

  bremner 18:33 20 Jun 2005

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This will give the ability to dual boot Apple OS X and XP on the same HDD

Will this mean a much bigger market share for OS X?

  Pooke 19:20 20 Jun 2005

I doubt you will be able to dual boot, someone posted a thread before containing an article that stated Steve Jobs has said it won't be possible, if I remember correctly.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:39 20 Jun 2005

The article doesn't mention dual booting, only programmes that can be written to run on both systems which is a triple yawn. Why would anyone want to dual boot Apple and MS? Both do the same job and for 99.999% of the consumers one OS is more than enough. >.0001% of available consumers are not going to make any great waves.

Apple are going to have to perform miracles if they ever intend to get an decent share of a highly competitive and single system led market. They have pointedly not performed any miracles so far.


  bremner 19:40 20 Jun 2005

I attend a presentation today where they stated this would be possible but as it will be 2006 before it becomes available I suppose anything is possible.

They did say you have to buy the machine with OS X installed and on then add XP.

  bremner 19:49 20 Jun 2005

It is very easy to be cynical but I would have thought that 13 million + iPod sales seems pretty miraculous, with a projection of 23-30 million by the end of 2006

Apple have stated the sales of Mac's in general and in particular the Mac Mini have increased considerably on the back of the iPod phenomenon.

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