Apple I.D. Problems with new email address

  Dendad 19:15 14 Mar 2018


I needed to change my email on my Apple I.D. I’ve been sorry ever since I attempted it, but I no longer use the email I signed up with. I think I know the error of my ways. I changed my email using my iPad. It worked fine on my iPad and my iPhone, but my iMac keeps sending me nasty messages. “This Mac can’t connect to iCloud because of a problem with (my old email address).” I probably should have made the change on my iMac, with both of my other devices shut down. Can anyone tell me how I can start all over? Or, tell me a solution to the problem? I did submit an account recovery request and got a "form" email back saying I would be contacted with help, but that was the end of it. Thanks so much.

  bremner 22:43 14 Mar 2018

Use Apple's contact options on their website. Very helpful they will even call you back.

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