JayJax 03:10 22 Feb 2018

I have had my Imac for at least 5 years or so and Apple ID has always been a problem to log-in. Always says I have wrong info. Over the years I have ended up using several different emails - I could pull my hair out as none work.

I have been trying to update my Firefox on my Imac but I get the message that my OS isn't supported or some such thing. But I can't update my OS (Sierra) even though I currently have a message on my Imac/Apple that I have a FREE UPGRADE. When I try to update it asks for my Apple ID none of which worked. So this is a vicious endless circle.

So tonight I finally located a username that Apple didn't reject when I said I forgot my password. Using their procedure I entered my username and since it was (according to apple) using an email address I no longer have access to I chose to enter my security info which I successfully did. So then it told me I had to enter an alternative email address which I did - then I got the message that an email would be sent to the address and when it came I was to enter the code in the spaces provided. Well despite asking for an email with the code over 10 times I never got an email. This isn't the first time this has happened. My OS is out of date I'm warned but I wish they would stop warning me and tempting me to update when they make it impossible. I can't download games or apps or anything this is MOST FRUSTRATING. I paid too much for this computer to not be "allowed" to update my OS.

  Forum Editor 08:21 22 Feb 2018

have you contacted Apple support?

In the UK phone: 0800 107 6285

  JayJax 09:18 22 Feb 2018

Yes I have they gave me a link to a site but it doesn't work. Its supposed to allow me to set up a time for them to call me but the site doesn't work.

  Forum Editor 13:25 23 Feb 2018

So you'll be calling them again?

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