Apple ID not working, password incorrect

  enyashello 20:59 10 Dec 2017

The issue is on all of my devices. It started with my itunes session expiring and me trying my password, which didn't work. I then reset the password and that didn't worth either it still said incorrect password. I tried twice more and that failed. I tried recovering my account, but when I got to the credit card confirmation part they said the credit card details were incorrect, but they were correct i had the card in front of me.I then applied for account recovery twice but its been a week and haven't heard anything. I would really appreciate some input thanks!

  Govan1x 22:40 10 Dec 2017

Maybe check your bank account to see if anything has been taken out.

  enyashello 23:24 10 Dec 2017

Just the usual icloud storage and apple music charges

  Govan1x 08:09 11 Dec 2017

Have you tried it through your apple account.

Click here

As long as you know the e-mail address you should be able to retrieve the password and change it.

I think you can get live chat with apple under support maybe try that.

I hope someone on here can give you the information that you need.

  Govan1x 08:17 11 Dec 2017

Or this one.

Click Here

No doubt you have tried them all

  enyashello 16:00 11 Dec 2017

Govan1X My password works for the apple ID log in! i've changed it again however it still doesnt work with itunes and icloud! At least now i know my accoutn works haha thank you for helping this far!

  Govan1x 17:49 11 Dec 2017

If it works for apple it should work for itunes I take it you had the same Email address and username on both.

Have you changed your username any time recently. If you change it on one of those it should affect the other one.

Change your itunes password to the same as the Apple one and it should work.

I am of course assuming you use the same username and password on both of them.

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