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  shellship 11:14 24 Oct 2013

I have an iPad but when I changed my email address I stupidly tried to change my Apple ID from my old email address. I can no longer update apps, get into the iTunes store, access the Cloud. Always wrong password and/or Apple ID. Changed password lots of times. Local Apple Store suggested I tried iTunes Support by email. Been at that for nearly two weeks without success. I know this is mainly a PC forum but do you think that if I was to uninstall iTunes from both my iPad and my PC and then reinstall the problem would have been solved? I have just acquired an iMac but don't want to get it going unless I can be sure it won't have the same problem through, possibly, talking to the great Apple server in the sky somewhere.

  Woolwell 11:42 24 Oct 2013

You need to know exactly what your Apple ID is. See Apple support. I doubt that uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes will solve your snag. I guess that it still remembers your old email address.

  shellship 15:31 24 Oct 2013

Woolwell Thanks for replying. I know my Apple ID and I know my original password but I have reset the latter lots of times. Perhaps I will try Apple support.

  Woolwell 17:17 24 Oct 2013

Use the link to confirm your Apple ID and password.

  shellship 17:26 28 Oct 2013


After many exchanges with iTunes support it is now nearly sorted. Very helpful lot but it took time. As of today, though, everything fine with iTunes on my PC but cannot now access from my iPad despite lots of syncing. Back to Support and my prayer mat!

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