Apple having a bit of trouble

  carver 06:55 14 Feb 2012

It seems that Apple may have a bit of trouble in China ipad selling it's ipad after a court ruling.

After reading about all the court cases that Apple have taken out against Samsung it just seems a bit poetic that it's now Apple's turn to get it's product banned.

  Forum Editor 07:09 14 Feb 2012

Apple will pay up if it has to, and the iPad ship will sail on. The demand for iPads in China is huge, and what Chinese people want, Apple will supply.

  carver 07:27 14 Feb 2012

FE I have no doubt that Apple will sort it out but I wonder how many of these confiscated ipad's will become "lost" after it's sorted.

  ams4127 17:30 14 Feb 2012

Surely I'm not alone in becoming slightly tired of all these tit-for-tat legal contests.

Samsung and Apple are like a couple of young children in playschool arguing over who is going to use the bouncy ball today.

Yes, I do realise that there are some serious legal issues involved, but I would like to lock the CEO's of both companies in a small room and leave them there until they sort themselves out.

  wee eddie 19:11 14 Feb 2012


If you had spent many millions of $'s developing a product, would you sit quietly by, while someone copied it, or registered it's Name in a Market that you were not yet in, in the hope of piggy-backing when you eventually arrived?

  Forum Editor 19:28 14 Feb 2012


The bouncy ball they are arguing about is worth billions of dollars, and comparing the legal battles to arguments between playschool children is an incredibly simplistic approach.

Between them these two companies control a huge slice of the world mobile phone market and the bulk of the tablet market. They are battling for enormous amounts of money,and yes, some serious patent issues are involved.

  ams4127 22:36 14 Feb 2012

wee eddie and FE

I fully agree with you both and understand both company's positions.

All I am saying is that, to me, it's all becoming rather childish. Even some of Apple's fanboys are starting to complain on their websites.

  spuds 00:25 15 Feb 2012

If you had seen the BBC Top Gear program the other week, when Jeremy Clarkson and James May where in China, looking how the Chinese car industry had progressed over the past few years. Then you would have seen that China are well into cloning anything or everything!.

  wee eddie 01:07 15 Feb 2012

All Foxconn has to do is to Clone an Apple Production Line and it's a case of 'One for you, two for me' and no one would be any the wiser, for a while anyway.

  amonra 14:57 15 Feb 2012

There's no such thing as bad publicity ! How much would it cost Apple to have ads in all the papers and time on TV ?

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