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App Store On I Mac won’t let me down load

  Gary Beer 19:09 29 Apr 2019

Why can’t I download a holiday app on my iMac but I can on my phone, I can’t find it in App Store hollidayzoo I Mac I’m new to this stuff any help will do thanks guys gells

  bremner 08:48 30 Apr 2019


Some apps are written for mobile operating systems, some for desktop OS's and some for both.

It is clear the one you are after is only written for mobile OS.

  oftmarshall678 22:12 07 May 2019

Not all apps available for iPhones are available for the MacOS. Even by just browsing the app stroe you'll find less apps available for iMac/Macbook than for iPhones.

  bremner 22:30 07 May 2019

I thought I said that

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