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App Sore Asks For Password

  morddwyd 11:30 13 May 2019

Every time I try to use the app store I get asked for a password, even for free apps, and it's getting to be a pain.

Perused settings and can't see a way round it.

Any help?

  morddwyd 11:05 25 May 2019

Right, it's a bit puzzling.

I can get into my account, but I get a notification that I need to verify my Apple ID in Settings. Go through that, get the verification email, but when I open it it says "No longer valid"

Curiouser and curiouser.

  bremner 11:55 25 May 2019

I would suggest using the chat facility on Apple support. I have always found them first rate.

Apple support

  chtoi 22:19 03 Jun 2019

I think you can fix that in the settings of your phone in iTunes and App Store, otherwise you report that to support

TweakBox Tutuapp

  morddwyd 08:47 14 Jun 2019

System update installed yesterday, and now I'm locked out again!

I know people swear by their iPad, I swear AT mine!

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