App Sore Asks For Password

  morddwyd 11:30 13 May 2019

Every time I try to use the app store I get asked for a password, even for free apps, and it's getting to be a pain.

Perused settings and can't see a way round it.

Any help?

  Pine Man 11:51 13 May 2019

What are you using to access the App Store?

If I access it from my Mac and then go to Preferences I have options on the use of passwords.

  Pine Man 11:59 13 May 2019

If you use your iPhone open the App Store select Apps and scroll to the bottom. Select About In App Purchases then scroll down to How In-App Purchases Work. This explains the use of passwords.

  bremner 18:32 13 May 2019

On iOS 12 and up go to Screen Time and if off turn it on,

Choose Content & Privacy Restrictions and move slider to on/green.

Go to iTunes & App Store Purchases and you can select whether you want to require password every time.

  bremner 18:33 13 May 2019

That is Settings > Screen time (to be clear)

  morddwyd 19:17 15 May 2019

I am using an iPad Pro, running iOs 12.2.

  bremner 08:26 16 May 2019

The advice I have given above is for iOS 12.

Btw 12.3 is now available.

  morddwyd 09:27 16 May 2019

Thank you.

I will give it a try over the weekend.

I'm afraid these things take some time these days!

  morddwyd 14:20 19 May 2019

Thank you, that worked OK. I'd never have found my way through that maze myself.

Unfortunately just afterwards the update to the o/s which you mentioned came up and I installed it.

The system then asked me to sign in but didn't accept my password and locked me out!

I'm now worse off than when I started. I'm all for security but Apple rake it to extremes.

  bremner 17:41 20 May 2019

Was it your AppleID password or passcode to open the phone?

  morddwyd 19:32 22 May 2019

Not ignoring you Bremner, strugglomg a bit, I'll get back when I can. Dom't use passcode

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