anyone bought a macbook in America?

  Gwark 18:05 15 Apr 2007

My wife and I are thinking about buying a macbook in Las Vegas later in the year as it is cheaper than buying it from the UK. We would like to upgrade the spec to 200GB Hard Drive and 2GB RAM. We have a few questions:- 1) Does anyone know the tax we will have to pay and can we claim it back as we are UK citizens? 2) Will the macbook work okay plugged into the mains in the UK with a travel adapter? 3) Because we are only over there for a few days does anyone know if Apple shops stock varieties of spec? Or do we have to order then wait for delivery? Hope someone can help to clarify. Many thanks, Gaz and Jools

  Gwark 18:41 15 Apr 2007


  Gwark 19:16 16 Apr 2007


  Kate B 19:27 16 Apr 2007

I don't know if you can upgrade Macbooks there and then in the Las Vegas Apple Store (it's a great one, by the way - a treasure trove), but yes, it will work fine in the UK with just a travel adapter. The store had loads of stock when I was last there, but if you're only going to be there for a couple of days it might be worth ringing them in advance: you might be able to get them to upgrade the spec with a bit of notice.

On tax, generally you can reclaim it on some items when you leave the country at the airport. The concierge at your hotel will know all about it and should be able to help you. Remember that you should of course *cough* go through the red channel when you return to the UK and declare it: you'll have to pay duty on it.

  moorie- 19:38 16 Apr 2007
  Gwark 22:40 16 Apr 2007

Many thanks for the input

  powerless 22:43 16 Apr 2007

What about warranty?

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