Anti Virus for Apple Mac

  Monoux 14:52 19 Dec 2005

I am trying go help a friend who has an Apple Mac notebook. He wants Anti virus and a firewall. Does anyone know good( preferably free) ones for an Apple Mac please

  medicine hat 15:23 19 Dec 2005

Are there any OS X viruses?

You could try this click here

  Mytob 15:26 19 Dec 2005

try ClamXav click here . this is a port of clamav for linux and should do just as good a job as the linux one. i use the linux and windows port of it and highly recomend it as it is opensource and has a exelent av definition base updated several times a day on ocasions but usualy only once.

  powerless 15:26 19 Dec 2005

I don't run AV or a firewall on my Mac.

  Mytob 15:27 19 Dec 2005

grr u beat me to it lol :)

  Mytob 15:29 19 Dec 2005

you should defonatly run a firewall av is not so nesisary as there are so few viri for the mac as with linux but hackers are still a big thret on linux and mac to. does mac use a root password and low level users like linux out of interest?

  powerless 15:55 19 Dec 2005

The firewall thing has been done many times before on here :-( But I still don't use one!

Macs has those levels yes.

  Mytob 16:27 19 Dec 2005

the only firewall that comes to mind it norton but well thats is rather micky mouse to say the least and costs alot too.

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