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Another use for an iPad?

  northumbria61 19:45 08 Jan 2013

enter link description here

Sorry, I just couldn't resist this !

  northumbria61 20:10 08 Jan 2013


  northumbria61 12:15 09 Jan 2013

SillBill - My apologies, northumbria61, for hijacking your thread!

Not at all - At least if I purchase an iPad in the future I will know how to do my eggs.

Chronus the 2nd - I posted because I believe we all need a good laugh to keep us going - the best medicine of the day.

Will mark as resolved now that I know it has other uses ! (The reviews never mentioned these)

  Strawballs 12:17 09 Jan 2013

I suppose they could be useful for putting under a motorcycle side stand on soft ground!

  iscanut 12:25 09 Jan 2013

As a fully paid up member of the Miserable Old Gits club can I say that this is not the sort of thing I expect in a Tech Helproom....:-(

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