Americans crying on their Big Macs.

  gengiscant 08:27 04 Jun 2010

I hear that the citizens of the good ol US of A are gutted to have learnt that the forthcoming footballing World Cup is contested by more than one

  Proclaimer 08:46 04 Jun 2010


  Forum Editor 09:06 04 Jun 2010

Where do you hear this?

  interzone55 10:05 04 Jun 2010

I think this is just a silly joke based on the fact that the myth that the baseball World Series is contested by teams from only one country.

This is not true, as the Toronto Blue Jays compete, and a couple of teams from Japan have to enter...

  jakimo 10:16 04 Jun 2010

Its just another Daily Mail Rumour

  Joseph Kerr 10:21 04 Jun 2010

Why do teams from Japan *have* to compete?

  interzone55 10:32 04 Jun 2010

Sorry, I'm wrestling with the tiny keyboard and touchpad on a netbook, and I think I deleted too many words. the last line should read

"and a couple of teams from Japan have applied to enter..."

  ronalddonald 12:11 04 Jun 2010

look more slop by eating big macs

  ronalddonald 12:13 04 Jun 2010

or is it more slob

  Joseph Kerr 13:22 04 Jun 2010

Aha thanks alan.

  eikonuj 17:34 04 Jun 2010

FYI....the 'baseball world series' was sponsored by a newspaper called 'The World' and the name stuck.

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