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Airport Time Capsule suspect not working

  HondaMan 14:07 08 Oct 2015

I am fairly new to Macs and have just treated myself to an Airport Time Capsule, but the thing refuses to work correctly. I have just completed the set-up, not as straightforward as they indicate and done my first backup BUT I cannot access it. All I have is a file called ’s iMac.sparsebundle with a file size of 807,651,840,027 bytes (807.65 GB on disk) which is about right.

The hardware is an iMac 4Ghz, 27” 5K resolution, 24GB memory and 3TB HDD. Any suggestions or help will be appreciated.

  HondaMan 15:35 08 Oct 2015

Sorry. That should read:

's iMac.sparsebundle

  HondaMan 15:36 08 Oct 2015

It's not my typing, honest

user's iMac.sparsebundle

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