advise, than to .ai file does not open.

  Fiordaliso 22:34 16 Feb 2018

Hi, people. I want to address you because I had a problem with the file in the .ai format. It is impossible to open the simple picture which me was sent by my acquaintance from Denmark, she told that it will be able to make laugh me our recent a photo processed in Adobe Illustrator, on which we with it together in Dominican Republic during holidays. Illustrator gives an error message: there was an unknown error. And I cannot understand what with it to do. I know that for you the problem can be and is simple, but me the photo is very important, advise, than to correct it.

  john bunyan 11:45 17 Feb 2018

Try changing to .pdf ( keep original) and see if it opens

  zlatanlex 14:04 28 Feb 2018

On following phrase ai recovery online I found out in Google many guides, articels, etc.

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