Frogger 19:09 18 Jan 2004

I have a MESH Computer with a Pentium II processor running at 450 MHz; 639 MB RAM, a Matrox Millenium G200 AGP graphics card,a ASUS P2B Motherboard, two hard discs - one at 12GB the other at 80GB. I am currently on Windows 98.

Due to frequent Computer crashes and the dreaded Blue Screen with the Fatal Exception OE 017F:BFF9DBA7 which I cannot resolve I am considering reformatting my Hard Disc and loading all my programs from scratch. The Question is:

1 Is it easy to reformat? How is it done?
2 Will my machine run Windows Xp Home, should I decide to replace Windows 98?
3 What graphics card can I upgrade to on a Pentium II machine (ASUS confirms will take a 2x card)?
4 Can you recommend a good LAN network PCI card?
5 My machine is still on USB 1.1 which I want to upgrade to USB 2.0. If I install a USB 2.0 PCI card will my machine recognise this OK?
6 Has anyone experienced the Fatal Exception Error mentioned above?

Any help to any of my queries gratefully received.

  961 19:16 18 Jan 2004

From my memory of my last Mesh there should be a page in your computer manual telling you how to reformat. It isn't particularly easy but it is ok to do if you follow the instructions exactly and patiently. You will need the disc of drivers that came with your machine plus the windows disc that would, I guess, be supplied with machines at that time. If you don't have these, don't bother.

I think USB 2 does not work on windows 98 but others will be able to tell you

Windows xp probably will work but not fast

I wouldn't start on graphics cards personally being more inclined to save for a new computer

  Pidder 19:20 18 Jan 2004

Presumably you run Scandisc regularly, I find this clears a lot of my problems with 98SE and a similar spec. (touch wood).

  GuyR 19:34 18 Jan 2004

as 961 says, check you have all the drivers/disks needed for your pieces of kit. Is the operating system on the smaller drive? as using DOS the 80Gb will take a while to do.
Once you boot up with your bootup floppy disc, you will be taken into DOS where you will need to change to the C drive (or the drive you want to format. Typing "format c:" without quote marks will bring up a prompt and warning that all data on that drive will be lost amd it will ask you to enter Y/N.

IF YOU PRESS Y then it will start,once done you will need to reload all software + data etc you had so make sure you back up all your data from the drives wanting to format BEFORE you do anything.

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