Advice on fax machines

  iqs 18:18 08 Mar 2010

Hello all,

I have been given two old but working fax machines,Panasonic & Brother

I have used fax machines,but never owned one.So I have a few questions which I hope you can answer please.

First,do you require a fax number to use a fax machine,or can you just send a fax via my landline number

Second,if I need a fax number,how much would one roughly cost(is a separate line),and how much dose a fax cost to send.

Many thanks

  bobbybowls 18:32 08 Mar 2010

you can use your normal number

  iqs 19:10 08 Mar 2010

So I can use my current landline number to send a fax?,but how about receiving a fax.Sorry if your answer covers both questions.

  woodchip 19:25 08 Mar 2010

The Fax should recognize a fax when it comes in, it should not start to work direct it waits a bit to see if phone is lifted before it checks

  BRYNIT 19:59 08 Mar 2010

The problem having a fax machine on a the same line as your phone are.

1. You leave it switch on, some one phones and end up listening to your fax machine if you don't answer the phone.
2. Someone send you a fax without you knowing and you end up listening to a fax machine as it is likely you will answer the phone.

If you are going to use the fax on the same line as your phone I would suggest you make sure you know when you are going to receive a fax.

I think some fax machines may allow you to listen and then answer if it is a caller and not a fax.

  iqs 21:39 08 Mar 2010

Thank you all for the advice.

  peugeot man 07:49 09 Mar 2010

If you are with BT you can have a second number on the same line click here click here
Other providers may have a similar service.

I use this service in conjunction with this click here click here

Cheaper than a second line and works well. The question is would you really use the fax on a daily basis, (Ido because I work from home) but if faxing is a rare event I would connect it as and when needed.

  morddwyd 08:02 09 Mar 2010

My last three printers have incorporated fax machines.

The facility just never gets used.

I have used it once in five years, to send a copy of my insurance cert to a local car dealer so that they could register my new car.

  wiz-king 08:20 09 Mar 2010

Most fax machines will allow you to plug in a handset to answer the line if it is a voice call. You can alter the number of rings before it answers; so set it to answer after 6 rings that will give you time to answer. If you have an answer-phone then it gets complicated.

  Peter 09:24 09 Mar 2010


As BRYNIT indicates, things get complicated trying to share a telephone line between the phone and fax, but as morddwyd writes "I have used it once [the fax facility] in five years".

I think now most people scan or digitally photograph (using a camera or mobile phone) a document and email it to the recipient.

I think fax machines are going the way of telex and teletype machines. Nostalgia may be good, but it's a thing of the past.


  anchor 09:36 09 Mar 2010

As you see from the comments, sending a Fax is no problem.

I use a service for receiving Faxes which forwards them to my email. They allocate a dedicated phone number; the cost is about £25/year. This does not tie up your phone line.

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