adobe photoshop elements 10 and 12 stopped working

  StarryCats 13:08 16 Nov 2015

my mum has elements 10 on a Mac and i have elements 12 on a Macbook air

we both have slightly different problems

Elements 10: when trying to open the app a message appeared saying that it's "damaged and can't be opened" asking to delete it and then redownloading but when in the app store there wasn't anyway of redownloading.

Elements 12: i also tried opening it but a message says it quit unexpectedly, there's an option to reopen but that doesn't work and again there's no way of redownloading.

the only photoshop elements there was in the app store was a "13" edition however not only does that mean we would have to pay but also it costs more then probably the 2 version we have combined

is there anyway of redownload any of 2 editions we already have, elements 10 would be better to try fixing

  LucieF 18:43 17 Nov 2015

Hi I'm also having the exact same problem. Both on a macbook and with Photoshop elements 12. It keeps crashing after the message " Photoshop elements 12 has quit unexpectedly" Keeps popping up every time I try and start it up. This started yesterday after i lost an internet connection and restarted my computer without fully quitting the program. Can anyone help?

  Macworld 10:20 18 Nov 2015

If you bought it from the Mac App Store you should find it in your purchased items. It's a different tab. You will only see the most recent version in the store front but you should be able to re download anything you have purchased.

  LucieF 21:20 19 Nov 2015

Iv'e gone onto the purchase page of Mac App Store and it says "downloaded on 14th august 2014" But nothing else, no links/updates and i can't click on it. Its confirmed iv'e bought it but won't let you do anything with this information. I really need to get mine working again, are their any other ways to get it working?

  AroundAgain 07:33 20 Nov 2015

Hopefully, you will get your answers on here but if you can't, may I suggest you you could contact Adobe and see what they have to say or post on Photoshop Elements & More where you would have loads of help available - PSE&M

  Macworld 10:36 20 Nov 2015

There's definitely something strange going on with Adobe and the App Store - apart from anything their latest version of Photoshop Elements isn't even on there. It's like they have given up on it...

I think you might be best off contacting Adobe about this.

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