Adding XP machine to home network

  [DELETED] 10:27 27 Oct 2003

I have a 2 PC p2p network with both machines running Win98 (1st edition). I have a new laptop running XP which has been configured as part of my work's network. I want to add the laptop to my home network.
Will running the XP wizard on my existing network (by floppy) destabalise the network e.g. reassign IP addresses etc? Also will the configuration for my work network on the laptop be similarly messed up?
Any advice or relevant experiences would be gratefully received.

  recap 10:39 27 Oct 2003

When setting up a new network just follow the normal set-up procedures, create a new workgroup on the laptop for your home network. When logging on just remember which workgroup/network you log in to.

You should get no conflicts either at home or at work.

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