adding playlist to iPad from iTunes

  Yimbo 17:23 14 Dec 2016

I've created playlist of songs on iTunes and added them to my iPad Air. But several of the songs appear with a "music symbol" and on tapping to play I'm told "Item not available. This item cannot be played". They all play on my computer in iTunes, so why not on my iPad?

  Forum Editor 17:06 18 Dec 2016

Have you used a different computer to sync to your iPad in the past? If you have, iTunes would need to erase all the library content on the iPad first, and then perform a sync from your computer.

  Yimbo 11:10 19 Dec 2016

Thanks FE for your reply. No, I haven't used any other computer for this purpose. I just don't understand why all the tracks on my iTunes playlist are listed on my iPad, but only some of them can actually be played.

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