Adding Macbook to network

  JamieC 12:51 30 Aug 2007

My mum has just bought a macbook and wants to connect to my router at home for internet access. Unfortunately, she needs the WEP password, which I don't know. My cousin said that the passkey would be on the router itself, but there is only a serial number and a MAC number. Also, I can't log in to as I have lost the password.

How do I find the WEP password to use the internet on the macbook and do I need to reset the router to log in to the settings?

  irishrapter 14:05 30 Aug 2007

Connect to the router via Ethernet cable and change the security settings. You say you have lost the password, do you mean the login password for the router?
Have you tried the default passwords? Try admin / admin, or admin / password .
What make of router is it?
You may have to reset the router if you cannot get access to the configuration page, you will loose all settings including you ISP username and password.
May sure that you know these before resetting.

Are there any other computers that are connected successfully via wireless?

Also, if you can use WPA encryption instead of WEP.
WEP can be cracked in five minutes.
Use WPA with a long random password of at least 20 characters.

  JamieC 15:19 30 Aug 2007

It's a Netgear router. I lost the password for the router itself ( and it's not admin/password. There is a laptop connected by wireless but that has a Netgear wireless card in it. I might need to reset the router. I have the ISP username and password. Do I need anything else? i.e. IP addresses.

  irishrapter 16:26 30 Aug 2007

Ok, in order to get access to the router you are going to have to reset it. If you have the username and password for your ISP and you are sure that its correct then that is all you really need.
Simply power the router down, hold in the reset switch at the rear of the router, and power the router back up.
Keep the reset button held for a few seconds after power up.

You should now be able to log on to the router via Ethernet cable using the default username and password.
Its then just a matter of setting up the wireless and enabling security. Please try and use WPA if your hardware will allow and not WEP.

You may possibly be able to read the WEP key off the laptop that is connected via wireless using a program called "Wzcook".
click here to get it.
Its part of a package called "Aircrack" but all you need is the "Wzcook.exe" that's in the Zip file under the folder called "Bin".
When you run it it may tell you your WEP key.

You will however still be stuck the problem of getting access to the router as you have lost the password and you will also still be using WEP.

I would suggest you just reset the router and start over.

  JamieC 17:37 30 Aug 2007

Thanks for the help,


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