Adding 98SE hard drive to XP machine

  monkeyc 18:27 03 Mar 2003

Hello all,
I'm just about to use a new Windows XP machine. My old machine runs 98SE. Can I take out the old HDD and just add it to the new machine, thereby creating another drive? There's soo much stuff so I'll copy files/images as I go until all is sorted. Will having Win 98 on the 2nd hard drive make any odds to XP ?
I've added/swopped hdd's for years now but I'm a bit sceptical about XP.
Thanks; monkeyc

  Giggle n' Bits 18:38 03 Mar 2003

This is a delicate procedure and if your not expierienced I would advise against.

You keep 1 HDD with your Win98Se on and a second HDD as slave with WinXP on. Having WinXP & Win98Se on 1 HDD possible I think with a Partition but the hassle of setting this up again difficult even if i was to do it.

  monkeyc 18:50 03 Mar 2003

thanks for that but not wanting a 'dual boot system' but just using drive 'D'(98SE)is what I'm after. Will this work ok? Once I've taken off the stuff I need, I'll just reformat 'D'(old 98SE)and use it normally.
Once again Thanx

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