Add modem to broadband machine for FAX

  Terry Brown 20:48 06 Apr 2005

I am using Telewest Broadband for my Email and Internet Explorer, and I want to make a connection via a seperate dial-up modem (to my phone line)for using a fax.My problem is this.. I can set up the Broadband (LAN) for normal, use or I can re-configure my machine (XP Pro) to use the dial up for Fax, however that disables my LAN setup. Is there any way I can set it up to have both systems running. i.e. the dial up only operates the fax and the LAN operates the rest of the system

  Night Ryder 21:52 06 Apr 2005

You will already have your broadband hub/modem attached to the correct outlet on your micro filter.
You will now have to attach your Modem to the phone socket on your mocro filter. Install the fax software that came with your modem and that should do it. It's just like making a phone call to the number you wish to send your fax.

  pj123 21:55 06 Apr 2005

I am on NTL BB and I also have an internal analogue modem installed for sending faxes only.

It works perfectly. I use the software Supervoice that came with the modem. The modem is only connected to the phone line when I want to send a fax which (hopefully) keeps me safe from rogue diallers. So far I have not been affected.

For incoming faxes I use Trinite at: click here which costs £23 per year but all incoming faxes go in to my email inbox. This means I don't have to keep my PC running 24/7

  Yoda Knight 08:22 07 Apr 2005

Plug in the modem, load up the drivers for it, install your fax software. Right click internet explorer icon, properties,connections - Never dial a connection should be ticked.

As pj123 mentioned, beware of rogue dialler software...

Night Ryder, Telewest Broadband doesnt use the phone line

  Terry Brown 20:04 07 Apr 2005

Many thanks.. I wil give it a go.

  Night Ryder 21:08 07 Apr 2005

Thanks Yoda Knight. Was unaware of this. I used my connection as an example which is BT Broadband.

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