Accidentally put my iCloud backup in sisters phone

  sindyjacksons 16:22 03 Dec 2015

I really need your help.

My my sister has an iPhone

and I have an iPad.

I went on my iPad with my sisters apple id to watch some movies, and now there is a backup of my iPAD into her apple id iCloud account.

How do I remove this?

I tried to remove the backup by going to my iPad and deleting it from the storage. But when I use DR Wonderphone (its a software that finds deleted files) it still shows up.

I am desperate to delete this back up, its really important.

On Dr wonder phone it also shows all my whatsapp , safari , and other things like. I really need to know how to remove all this information from his apple id as soon as possible.

My sister said she hasn't seen any of my pictures or anything, but you never know :/ I am really concerned because I have some personal safari and pictures I really would not want anyone to see. Any help would be appreciated.

  Macworld 10:37 04 Dec 2015

The only way she could see anything from your back up is if she wiped her phone (or got a new phone) and restored it using your back up. Have a look in Settings > General > Storage and iCloud Usage, and delete the back up of your iPad there (click on it and then click Delete Backup). I don't know why you were using Dr Wonderphone, seems a bit unnecessary in my opinion.

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