Accessing old iMessages without signing in

  Guest 1234512742 13:32 30 Jun 2018

is there a way to view my iMessages on an old iPad without signing into my Apple account? The window asking me to sign in keeps popping up on the message screen. The messages have been downloaded already however I can only read the last message on the screen. I need some info from one of the message threads but for personal reasons don’t want to sign the iPad into my account. All I would like is for the pop up signing in screen to go away and be able to click on the thread. Assistance would be greatly appreciated �/p>

  wee eddie 17:56 30 Jun 2018

What would be the point of having to sign in, if anyone could take a sneaky peek

  Guest 1234512742 18:03 30 Jun 2018

Thanks for your genuinely unhelpful reply! I asked as i used old sign in details and really want to access some details sent to me a while ago.

  bremner 18:05 30 Jun 2018

However unhelpful you perceived the reply wee eddie is correct - you will have to sign in to read the messages.

  Guest 1234512742 18:29 30 Jun 2018

He may be right and that saddens me as I need the info, it was the sarcastic tone of the email that was unnecessary. Not being particularly tech savvy, sarcasm is unhelpful and not required.

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