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Accessing drives when booted from external SSD

  Russ2m 12:53 26 Oct 2019

Due to a failured installation of Catalina i have been unable to complete Catalina or return to Mojave due to lack of drive space.

At this stage I don't want to go to a time machine back up.

I would like to access the Mounted MAC HD and modify/delete they files so there is space or run a back up/dump

To do this I have been able to put Mojave on an external SSD and boot the MAC. I created this from a friend's machine, and when I booted that machine it allowed me to access the mounted MAC HD (internal) by entering the password.

However booting my machine, this option does not appear and the drive is not visible in finder. The drive is visible in disk utility and shows it has data on it (gb used) but I can't work out how to access the files.

Can I do any of the following (if so, how)

Make the drive and it's data visible in finder so I can manage the data?

Copy the data somewhere else to make it accessable

Create a backup in time machine which would included this data

Link the drive to another drive in a way which gives extra drive space allowing me to complete the original install of Catalina.

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