98SE install on TIME machine

  Bilbo 17:47 27 Jul 2003

Loadsa problems,

A friends old machine bought from TIME.
Trying clean install of 98SE after formatting hard drive.

Install seemed to go OK, but:

Now have 3 options at start up -

1. start computer with CD-ROM support
2. start computer without CD-ROM support
3. View help file

I just want it to start up with CD-ROM support and no options.

Secondly it likes looking for disk in floppy drive at strange times like: when I open control panel, when I open I.E. etc.

Also seems to want to look at floppy on boot up but instead of just moving onto the Hard drive as the second boot option I get the choice of Abort/retry/fail.

Any help would be appreciated as my day has now been totally used up.

Many thanks

  TechMad 17:53 27 Jul 2003

Take the Win98SE CD out. The CD is "Bootable" therefore if it is present the computer will load the booatble data - The menu options that you see.

Have you been in the BIOS?

  TechMad 17:55 27 Jul 2003

Is there a floppy disk in the machine that isn't bootable? For example a disk of saved documents? Try these suggestions first then come back.

  Bilbo 17:57 27 Jul 2003

CD is out of drive.

Only altered boot sequence in BIOS, but have changed that back now.

  TechMad 17:57 27 Jul 2003

You may have a faulty floppy drive.

  Bilbo 18:05 27 Jul 2003

Thanks for your time Techmad.

I've got another floppy drive I can try tonight or tomorrow, and hopefully that will solve some problems.

The CD-ROM support options at boot up would seem unrelated to that though wouldn't they?

  TechMad 18:10 27 Jul 2003


I have only ever encountered that menu of options if I leave the Win98SE CD in the drive.

Where do you want the CD-ROM support? MS-DOS?

  DieSse 18:16 27 Jul 2003

The start-up menu you are seeing is the one that's normally on a Windows boot diskette. If you don't have such a diskette in the drive and it is set not to boot from a floppy, then somehow the autoexec.bat file on the hard drive has entries in it that it shouldn't - maybe due to the way you installed??

I can't see how a faulty floppy drive could be the cause of this.

On the hard drive, rename the autoexec.bat file to autoexec.aaa and reboot - what happens now?

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