7200 Hard drive, Would my machine do it justise?

  Dearersteak 09:58 08 Feb 2003

Just wanted to know what you think

I'm running a 600mzh AMD athlon, with 128SD, and currently have a (some what noise) 13Gb 5400 hard drive. I desperitly need to get a seconded drive for storage resons. My question is, Would my system do a 7200RPM drive justice? Or would i be better off just saving my money and getting a 5400Rpm? And also, if i was to copy my OS onto a 7200 Drive, Would the machine be able to load quicker with a CPU at the speed that it is?


  « Ravin » 10:07 08 Feb 2003

in the beginning you might notice a diferrence but once you get all your programs installed the difference is just a slight improvement in speed..

  Gongoozler 10:17 08 Feb 2003

Dearersteak, I recently fitted a400MHz AMD K6-2 system with a 7200rpm hard drive. The computer was significantly faster accessing programs and files. The only "problem" I had was that it is an AT system and before the new hard drive was fitted shut down always displayed the "It is now safe to turn off your computer" screen. With the new hard drive it most often doesn't display that screen now, however shut down completes, and switch on doesn't display any error messages. So my answer to your question is that the faster drive will improve your computer, and a 7200rpm drive is not much more expensive than a 5400rpm one click here.

I suggest that you use the new drive for your programs and saved files, and your old drive for backups. If you get a 40G drive, a 10G partition should be ample for Windows and installed programs, leaving you with 30G for saved files, and your old 13G drive would only be used for backups of the primary partition, and so would not slow down your file reading at all.

  King Diamond 10:27 08 Feb 2003

I would get a lot more ram for performance...512 if possible.

  polmar 14:57 14 Feb 2003


  professor 17:31 15 Feb 2003

id get the 7200rpm drive as stated u will get much better performance even after you installed all programs and files it will still be alot faster as for an "extra" disk dont bother just get a drive big enough to cover what you need it for and a bit over for future and either do away with your old disk or keep it for emergencies

of course like with any HD have some unfragmentation software to keep your files in check.


  two00lbwaster 17:41 15 Feb 2003

if you get an 8mb version one then this does any machine justice as the hdd is the slowest componant of any machine

  _Treb_ 19:59 16 Feb 2003

I got a Western Digital 80 Gig, 7200 HDD with 8 Meg Cache it's quick but £150.00

However I see that WD is working on a 10,000 rpm disk.

Maxtor IDE ATA-133 80GB 7200RPM
DiamondMax Plus 9 8 MB cache

click here

Sorry -

Forgot to mention, Only £76.65 Inc Vat!

  two00lbwaster 20:42 16 Feb 2003

£150 ouch _treb_

click here

same modle for just over £80 about £85 with p+p

i would suggest if you want a cheap performance drive then
click here
is £20 less than the above model but only half the size as well

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