is a 7 year old Mac Pro Tower worth buying as a 2nd computer

  BeccaAhmed 13:53 22 Jan 2015

I've recently came across a deal in which i can get a Refurbished Apple Mac Pro Tower Dual Core Xeon Processor with 8GB RAM(£319.99) or 16GB RAM(£369.99) from 2007 Apple Mac Pro A1186 2.66GHz Dual Core Xeon CPU 8GB or 16GB RAM 1000GB HDD DVD which seems to be running the latest software.

ideally id like this to be used mainly for university work and would like to know if it'd be a worthy investment or a waste of money!

im not too tech savvy, but my 2011 2.33 i5 mac book pro is starting to fail on me and need a much more reliable mac to get my work done!


  simonjary 08:03 25 Jan 2015

That should work fine, but you'll need to buy a display so might be worth considering buying a new Mac mini, from £399 or a slightly older one for less.

The Mac Pro will work but it's getting on a bit.

  bremner 12:23 25 Jan 2015

I would look to identify the issue with the Mac Book Pro.

My office bought about 25 in 2007 they are all still going having all had hard drive and memory upgrades over the years. If yours is "starting to fail" see about getting it sorted by a Apple authorised repairer if you are not happy to do so yourself.

  nibor2 16:19 10 Feb 2015

Yes or simply sell yours and buy an other one like you say... I had the same problem with my maccbook pro 13" and I bought a mac pro xeon quadcorp which is a real bomb ! I had it for a good price on that website For-Sale. Good luck !

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