4OD, iplayer, for MacBook not in the App Store?

  C.Rosser 17:54 16 May 2017

You don't seem to be able to get any of the apps like 4OD, bbc iplayer etc in the App Store on a Mac? Any reason for this would be helpful? (MacBook Pro 2016)

  Pine Man 18:51 16 May 2017

Why do you need an app to watch 4OD and BBC iPlayer?

Surely all you need is internet access to their web sites. I watch BBC iPlayer on my iMac without an app. Or am I missing something?

  C.Rosser 20:18 16 May 2017

Thanks, yes that is an option. I'm not sure you can download episodes online like you can on the apps using iphone/ipad?

  Pine Man 07:40 17 May 2017

Didn't realise you wanted to download programs

  davidmishra 22:11 05 Sep 2017

It was removed from App Store however you can still download iPlayer from Tutuapp.

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