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4k editing using MBP i7 2013 vs New Windows PC

  Tech-Zero 04:54 12 Jul 2020

Planning to buy a MAC/PC for editing.

What's the advantage of buying an older Macbook Pro i7 of 2013 model with 16gb DDR 3 ram /SSD drive compared to buying a new Windows PC of same configuration but with multiple cores and DDR 4 ram/SSD drive at the same price? Apart from Final cut Pro.

Geekbench score of old Mac is much less compared to new Windows at same cost. Does that mean anything in practical use?

  wee eddie 11:17 12 Jul 2020

I think that it comes down to the Software you wish to use.

Also a 2013 Model will have a limited Shelf Life - It's OS wont be supported/Upgradeable for that much longer. As opposed to a Windows 10 Model, which should be good for 10 years or so.

  Camile Dai 09:26 06 Aug 2020

Agreen with Wee that it depens on the software you choose. But 4GB of RAM, in any aspect, is not good enough for editing 4k footages. In premiere: 32 GB of RAM for 4K media or higher In davinci resolve: 16/32GB+. You may take a look at hardware for 4K editing to get know the system requirement for basic and advanced video editing. Besides, click here, this video put out an review on 2013 Macbook pro (i7), might be a good reference.

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