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2011 MacBook Air advice. Use or buy new?

  WJD7 11:47 27 May 2019

I’ve been given a 2011 MacBook Air that’s never been out of the box. Should I use it or invest in a new one? What problems could I have? Thanks for your advice!

  Jollyjohn 12:19 27 May 2019

I would use it. I have just reset a mid 2011 macbook and it was running High Sierra, originally supplied with Mojave. If you want an idea of what it would be worth to sell, click here Type in your serial number and you will get an instant offer.

  HondaMan 13:00 27 May 2019

Frankly, for what you will be offered, use it until it dies a natural death.

  oftmarshall678 14:12 29 May 2019

Personally, I would use it since it's free and unused. Even if you decide to sell it later on, I bet someone would still grab the chance to take it off of your hands.

  leehull 08:24 30 May 2019

I would rather buy used but from recent years like Mac '17. It would be a better investment, from my point of view. I think that Mac '11 is a little bit outdated and you need to spend some money to upgrade it, so it can work a lot better.

  chtoi 22:26 03 Jun 2019

I advise you to buy a new one, 2011 is a little old anyway for a PC

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