2006 imac won't bootup could it be the hard dive?

  Bob Harding 12:16 29 Sep 2019

Hello all, I've been using my old works Mac, but now will not boot up, I'm a total Dummy when it comes to comp tech. All I can do is discribe what happens....I press the start button, it starts to boot up - White screen with apple logo for 30seconds, Then - White screen with no entry logo (grey circle with diagonal slash) for 2 mins Then - Plain white screen for as long as its switched on! Can anybody give some idea what is wrong & a fix. Thanks All. Bob H. [email protected]

  HondaMan 12:26 29 Sep 2019

Try a restart via + R, then reload the OS from the screen which appears. It sounds like the OS has been corrupted. Have you installed any new software

  Bob Harding 12:40 29 Sep 2019

hello HondaMan, I don't remember loading any new software, but it was a while ago couple of months, been using a PC since. Normally I can hear the disc spin up, but no sound apart from the cooling fan. I'll try your +R thing next. Ta a fellow Honda Man (Bob)

  Bob Harding 12:57 29 Sep 2019

Hello HondaMan, tried the+R at various stages of the 3 stages of screen stages. But Pressing +R does not show any indication of effect.

  Pine Man 14:23 29 Sep 2019

I think HondaMan missed out the Command button.

Shut down your Mac then hold the Command and R keys down and press the start button. Keep holding Command and R keys until the Apple logo appears on the screen. You should see a screen saying macOS Utilitiies or if your Mac is old, OS X Utilities.

Good luck!

  HondaMan 15:21 29 Sep 2019

Just re-read my post. Whilst I did put the Command + R in the original post, it was changed the the visible advice, try it,. Goops. It pays to read your post VERY VAREFULLY!

  Bob Harding 16:11 29 Sep 2019

Thanks Pine Man, HondMan, will try again tomorrow all packed away now.BH.

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