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17'' macbookpro problems (shut down/restart)

  gp 18:35 25 Dec 2019

I am experiencing problems with a a 2010 MacBook Pro , as follows. Since 6 months ago the machine has developed a recurring bad habit of suddenly shutting down and restarting./ also sometimes not restarting. Initially I assumed this to be battery/power related issue because of very short battery life and some other indicators gleaned from trawling the net . So i subsequently replaced the internal battery.The battery life improved but I still experienced continued problems.The next step was to replace the power lead with OE apple equipment as it was in poor condition .Actually this did generally improve things ,despite an occasional shut down .But Now suddenly the machine will not charge the battery at all ,and only functions on a power lead .( with the ever present occasional shut down )

is it time to purchase a new model ? Will a new model be hugely better ?

Any help appreciated please.

  bremner 17:05 27 Dec 2019

A few hundred pounds can be saved if you are happy with an Apple refurbished model

Click here

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