We are excited about Windows 10: a free upgrade for virtually all Windows users, and one that will bring with it a raft of new features and functionality. But there are some down sides to the Windows 10 upgrate, and it is likely to be a tough one to avoid. In this article we outline the five worst Windows 10 sacrifices. You will miss them when they are gone. (For more on Windows 10, see Windows 10 UK release date, price, features UK.)

Worst Windows 10 sacrifices: Automatic updates

Not a missing feature, but a change few will welcome. Although the Pro and Enterprise editions of Widows 10 will both give the end user or network admin the opportunity to decide when updates are installed, Windows 10 Home users have no control. Windows Updates will be downloaded and installed automatically as soon as they're available. This is a classic Microsoft move: it probably makes sense for the entire herd to be immune from security flaws, but end users will not like being forced to install updates at Microsoft's will.

We will reserve judgment until we see how it works, but for now we will say that the idea of automatic Windows Updates sounds like a recipe for horror and disaster! (See also: How to remove Windows 10 nag messages.)

Worst Windows 10 sacrifices: Goodbye Windows Media Center

Less painful than automatic updates to the OS, upgrading will mean saying goodbye to Windows Media Center. The largely unloved entertainment centre of your PC will be despatched, to be replaced by a series of native media-playing capabilities and apps that don't require a separate 'Center'. In almost all ways this is unlikely to be too much of a pain, but we have heard from people testing the beta build that in the current iteration of Windows 10 there is no support for TV tuners, for instance.

This sounds plausible. As we outline below DVD playback capability is not native to Windows 10, and it is likely that only a few people use a TV tuner in a world in which most television content is available online. But that doesn't mean *no-one* will miss those features.

Windows 10

Worst Windows 10 sacrifices: No more Hearts

Look. There is no other way of telling you this. It's not you, it's Microsoft. Microsoft has only gone and remove the card game Hearts from Windows. That's right: install Windows 10 and you will no longer be able to play Hearts. Heartsbroken. (See also: Windows 8 vs Windows 10 comparison.)

Worst Windows 10 sacrifices: Desktop Gadgets begone

Remember Windows 7's Desktop Gadgets? No. The chances are you probably don't. But if you are the one person who uses Desktop Gadgets, you need to prepare yourself for a loss. In Windows 10, there are no Desktop Gadgets. None.

Worst Windows 10 sacrifices: Discs are destroyed

This may not be the biggest issue, but if you are currently using floppy disks on Windows you will have to install new drivers when you upgrade to Windows 10. I rather expect that will affect only a few people.

Perhaps more users will be distressed to know that according to Microsoft anyone who wishes to watch a DVD on their Windows 10 PC or laptop will have to install separate playback software. Microsoft has hinted that it will address this issue at some point, but from the get go if you want to watch a disc you will need to install VLC player or something similar. A pain, but probably a minor pain. (See also: How to get Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10.)