If you think the new Windows 8 logo is a revolutionary move away from the original Windows logo you are wrong. Very wrong.

For years we’ve grown used to the Microsoft Windows logo being a bright, multicoloured thing – sometimes blocky, often ugly, recently rather elegant. But always multicoloured. But, actually that isn’t true… And wait till you see the new Windows 8 logo.

Windows logo multicolored

There's been much speculation about how the new Windows 8 logo will look, and all the contenders have included the red, reen, blue and yellow – especially as the Windows 8 Metro user interface is similarly multi-coloured.

But now the new logo for Windows 8 appears to be turning this theme on its head, with the red, green, blue and yellow panes replaced with a dull, dark-green monotone uniformity. (See also: Microsoft changes Windows 8 logo.)

This is what the Microsoft Windows 8 logo is strongly rumoured to look like:

 Windows 8 logo Microsoft 2012

If you think this is a revolutionary move away from the original Windows logo you are wrong. Very wrong.

This is what the Microsoft Windows 1.0 logo looked like:

Windows 1.0 logo Microsoft

Spookily similar, eh?

All those multicoloured Windows logos were just (rather successful) padding in between Windows 1.0 and Windows 8.

Unofficial Windows 8 logos

And these unofficial Windows 8 logos were too predictable, and Microsoft appears to be more unpredictable these days. And for that we should all be glad.

Of course Microsoft isn’t the only company to take a once hugely successful multicoloured logo and make it monotone.

Apple logo multicolored

Apple logo black monotone

But I wouldn’t want to be the one accusing Microsoft of copying Apple

The new Windows 8 logo was revealed by a Chinese site CNBeta.com.

It is expected to be the first salvo in Microsoft's "Windows reimagined" marketing for its new operating system throughout 2012.

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