Anything that saves time will have a direct impact on revenues, so getting the right tools is essential for smaller firms.

With the ability to increase efficiency by speeding up processes, Windows 8 Charms is proving the ideal solution for small businesses.

What is the Charms bar?

Found on the right hand side of the screen, the charms bar has five applications, or 'Charms': Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings. These are intended to speed up processes such as searching the web, printing, or emailing documents and links.

How to use Charms

Businesses can access the Charms bar by dragging the mouse cursor to the top right or bottom corner of the screen; by pressing Windows + C; or by swiping from the right on touch-enabled devices.

What does each Charm do?

Using Search, firms can take advantage of Bing Smart Search to search PCs, the web and OneDrive, as well as some apps and the Windows Store. Results are grouped by category.

The Share charm allows users to share files with other employees, or save things for later, without leaving an app. It is possible to share a file with just a few people at a time, or send an interesting article to the 'Reading List' app to read later.

The Start charm allows users to access the 'Start' screen wherever they are. Or, if you’re already on the Start screen, you can go back to the last app you were using.

Meanwhile, the Devices charm is a quick way to send files and information to other devices that are connected to your PC, such as a printer, phone, or projector.

Using the Settings charm, users can adjust PC settings such as personalisation, user accounts, and devices.

How can I get Charms?

Charms is available on Windows 8, so those running older operating systems will need to upgrade to reap the benefits. This process can be made quicker and easier by vendors such as Dell, which offers migration services for small firms looking to upgrade.