One really fantastic but easy to overlook feature of Windows 8 is the ability to synchronise your settings between different PCs. If you have, say, a laptop and desktop machine then you may have gone through the boring process of making them look, feel and operate the same way. With Windows 8 you can do it all automatically.

You can automatically sync your desktop personalisation options such as Taskbar setup and theme, your passwords for websites, HomeGroups and so on, App settings, browser history, favourites and file explorer options. There’s much more syncing in the background too.

The great benefit of this is that no matter which Windows 8 PC you login on it will be setup just like the one you always use. Everything will be in the same place with your favourite colour scheme. Your web browser will have all your favourites ready to surf and you won’t have to remember what your passwords are as everything will be matched up.

Of course, you can select exactly what not to synchronise between machines too. By default all the synchronisation options are set to on. To edit your choices you need to go to the settings charm. Click on Change PC settings and then select Sync your settings, here you can choose to turn synchronisation off for everything or individually select from the eight different areas: Personalise, Desktop personalisation, Passwords, Ease of access, Language preferences, App settings, Browser and Other Windows settings.

To save you from expensive mobile data bills you can chose not to sync over a metered internet connection so only when you’re on a Wi-Fi network will a sync take place. 

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