When it comes to speeding up your PC there are a few things you can do to make really significant changes, but these all involve paying for upgrades. A faster hard disk or graphics card, more RAM, a faster processor or using an SSD instead of a mechanical hard disk are all ways to make your PC run more smoothly.

Hardware upgrades also mean that you’ll have to be handy at taking your PC to pieces and then putting it back together again without breaking anything or having too many nuts, bolts or unidentifiable screws left over.

All is not lost, though, as you can make some changes to your Windows setup that won’t require any cash investment or open heart surgery on your PC at all. The speed gains won’t be as significant as they are when you upgrade hardware, but for the everyday simple things they’ll help to push things along so you’re not waiting quite as long to get things done.

Over the years the Windows interface has become more and more polished and has all manner of visual effects to make things look more modern. The fact is, that all these are surplus to requirements and can just get in the way, despite looking pretty.

Turn the visual tricks off and your PC will feel faster if nothing else. Go to Control Panel and click on Performance Information and Tools, then click on Adjust visual effects. Here you can choose to let Windows decide which visual effects to apply or pick for best performance or best appearance. If you really want to you can customise the visual effects yourself and turn them all off or simply retain a select few.

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