Windows 8 queue

The midnight opening of Currys and PC World on London's Tottenham Court Road, attracted scores of Microsoft fans looking to be the amongst the first to get their hands on a copy of Windows 8. See Microsoft Windows 8 review.

It's not very often that you get people queuing in great numbers for anything other than the latest iOS device, but it seems Microsoft has caught the imagination of queue-happy tech fans in the UK with its new Windows 8 OS launch. See also Microsoft Surface RT review.

The crowd that Windows 8 has attracted at Currys and PC world in London comes as a bit of a surprise as the new OS has been available to download and try in 'Consumer preview' from for sometime now. Visit Microsoft launches Windows 8.

It's also a bit of a surprise as buying the WIndows 8 DVD in store is double the price of downloading it from the comfort of your own home (£24.99 for the download; £49.99 for the DVD). That said, the Windows 8 download is a massive file and to instal it would require one to create a bootable disk/drive of some kind for the .iso file. Go to Microsoft Surface RT vs Apple iPad comparison review for more.)

Anyway, that's not the story here. The story is "look at the queue!". Microsoft is back…probably.

Now enjoy some more pictures of people queuing for software.

Windows 8 queue london