Windows 8 is probably the best looking version of Microsoft’s operating system ever. It’s clear that a lot of time was spent refining how Windows looks, making it a more pleasant and user-friendly interface.

By default every installation of Windows 8 looks more or less identical no matter which PC you buy and that’s a great strength, but you can personalise the operating system so that it more closely matches what you want, to make it stand out from the crowd.

In fact, Microsoft is so sure that you’ll want to make your computer more unique that it put the Personalise option at the top of settings. Go to the Start screen and click on the Settings charm and then on Change PC settings to find the personalisation options.

You can edit the lock screen by choosing from one of six pre-installed options or choose one of your own images by clicking on Browse. The Start screen can have twenty different background images applied and there are twenty five different colour schemes to choose from. You can also choose an account picture so it makes it more obvious which account is which if you have more than one user on your PC. If your computer has a webcam you can use that here to take a picture of yourself, just click on Camera.

The options you used to have in previous versions of Windows are still there too. If you want to change the desktop picture you can. Go to the Desktop, right-click and select Personalise from the pop-up menu. Here you can change the desktop picture, choose sound settings, edit desktop icons and select from a range of mouse pointer options.

There are three built-in themes to apply a uniform look and feel to Windows though if you click on Get more themes online you’ll find loads of others to choose from.

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