When you plug a USB memory key or put a CD or DVD into your PC there are a multitude of things that you might be intending to use them for. Windows itself tries to be intelligent about this and offers options based on what it thinks you might want to do. You can manage exactly what happens when you plug something into your laptop and what Windows 8 should do instead of letting Windows guess.

To manage your AutoPlay options go to the charm bar and click on Search in the search box type AutoPlay and then on Settings, click on AutoPlay. The AutoPlay control panel separates all of the various options out for you to choose precisely what happens when you plug something into your laptop. You can manage removable drives, digital camera memory cards. DVDs, Blu-ray discs, CDs and software discs.

You can even manage what Windows does depending upon the content of the disc. For example, a blank DVD can open a specific application or specific folder in the Windows Explorer. A digital camera memory card can automatically play in Windows Media Player or import to Photos and videos. When you plug a removable hard disk into your PC you can manage what happens by what’s stored on it too. Pictures, video, music or a mixture of content can all trigger a selection of options.

You can, of course, have Windows ask you what you want to do every time you plug something into your laptop, but you can edit these settings anytime you wish. 

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