Managing hard disks in Windows is simple and it’s made all the more easy by the Disk Management tool that lets you see all sorts of information about your hard disk and perform tasks such as formatting and partitioning disks.

To open Disk Management go to Search and type Disk Management, in the Settings results click on Create and format hard disk partitions. Once Disk Management is open you’ll see a visual display of all your disks, be they internal, external or USB memory sticks. In the top half you can see information about the size of the disk and how much space remains as well as the file system and health of the drive.

To manage each disk simply right-click on the partition to see your options. You can format, change the drive letter, extend or shrink the volume, or click on Properties to manage further disk options.

Partitioning allows you to carve up your hard disk in to separate chunks. For example, if you have a 500GB disk in your laptop and want to run two versions of Windows side by side you can split the disk into two 250GB partitions and install a version of Windows on each. If you want to delete one of the partitions and reclaim the 250GB of space you can use Disk Management to perform this task too.

If you have an external disk drive that you need to wipe all the information from you can use Disk Management to format the drive so that no traces of your data remains. 

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